An Easy Path Is The Road To Hell

For those who read yesterdays blog, I have an update in regards to how ‘Revenge’ is viewed by Stoicism and as anticipated it is frowned upon. #FrownyButVengefulface

 “The best way of avenging thyself is not to become like the wrong doer.” – Marcus Aurelius

Or to quote a wise old Sage from Hull;

“There are too many wrongdoers in these places for some time you see” – Andrew Newby

Whilst back in Day three of Stoic Week, it was also Week 2 of the Compassion Focused Therapy (CFP), which came out of my previous CBT.

Needless to say my brain is a little more fried than usual, however I have committed to write something on each day and here we are.

Earlier today on the Twitter machine, I noted that there was a some considerable outrage/cheering of a UK government minister stating that is would effectively be illegal to teach ‘Critical Race Theory’ in schools.

On the one side there are those who ‘do not see race’, or that they ‘have a friend who is black’, who were applauding the minister for her brave stance on such an important issue.

I found myself on the other side of the fence and was concerned that seemingly the freedom of difficult topics being suppressed.

After all it was only a few weeks ago where the government had announced that the teaching of ideas that challenged capitalism was also illegal.

Whilst the right wing UK press gnash their crumbling teeth daily, at the ‘liberal do gooders’ cancelling their favourite depots, or wailing at the thought of Jim Davidson or Roy Chubby Brown, once again being over looked as candidates for the replacements for the Arch Bishop of Canterbury.

“A WAR ON FREE SPEECH!”, they cry.

“SNOWFLAKE MELTS AT BREXIT BOMBSHELL!”, they boom triumphantly.

With this in mind, one must assume that we must defend free speech as long as this free speech does not challenge the current hegemony.

It has always amused me how the United States presents itself as a beacon of freedom and democracy, just as the united(ish) kingdom sees itself as the British bulldog of true grit and self determination.

Yet if these countries truly stood for what they say they do, then why would they give a shit about what views or political discussions were being held?

Would a champion of freedom and democracy effectively criminalise socialism, such as the US did under McCarthy?

In addition why does a country that is ‘free’, require its young people to recite a commitment to a flag for unity and justice for all?

In my experience the more a company or individual says they hold a specific value, the less likely they are to hold that value.

Nestle for example, or a pious Christian preacher who then gets caught being noshed off by a toothless rent boy.

Critical Race theory is a difficult and uncomfortable topic, especially if you are a white person or benefit from the current status quo of white supremacy. This level of discomfort is magnified by an equivalent factor of how much value the status quo means to you.

It is my view that if we are not challenging our thinking, then we are probably not really thinking. Our minds destined to become as bland and stagnant as a Disney Movie, or new Pumpkin Spiced Latte.

The modernist experiment has failed and we are living in the embers of a 1950’s vision that never came to pass, ‘Modern’ society is locked in a death spiral with fewer and fewer lifeboats being available.

Never lose sight that those folk who are most effected by the dismantling of White Supremacy, and its existing hegemony will be the ones who will be in these few remaining, lifeboats not you or your families.

In addition, for those with the lifeboats, if no one is left alive to bailing you out, then you too are destined to drown.

Billy Butcher and the Stoics

For those who have shown an extended interest in these ‘tinternet scriblings, will be aware that I have been dabbling in the ideas of Stoicism for a few months. Therefore I shall not bother to regale you with the wit and wisdom of this ancient philosophy at this point.

However, this week is Stoic Week and to support my efforts to ‘live like a stoic’ for a week, I shall be aiming to write a short post daily as to my findings and experiences which I hope might inspire others to find out more.

The broad structure of each day is relatively straight forward;

Morning Meditation – Spending a short time before I start work considering my day ahead and any challenges that I might face and to reflect on how I might approach these in line with the virtues of Stoicism.

The Stoic Virtues are :

• Wisdom – using good reasoning and judgement and deciding which virtue to
• Courage – doing what is right even if it is difficult
• Justice and kindness – excellence in your relationship with others
• Moderation and self-control – ability to deal well with desires and emotions

Mid-Day Meditation – Reflecting on aspects of my day where I have been able to follow these virtues and any challenges which I have encountered, which have led to me falling back into bad habits.

Evening Meditation – Is an opportunity to reflect on my day and take note of my success or failure in relation to the key virtues.

At this point in time it is difficult to detail each and every point of success and failure in this blog, if only for it revealing my life as being less full of flapjack and hookers as I would like. (That said, I do have plenty of flapjack)

However I shall aim to reveal more of the workings here in OT Strange Towers as the week progresses.

In the mean time I shall summarise my overall objective by quoting the great Billy Butcher from The Boys, “Quit being a Cunt.”