You Can Prove Anything With Facts

Minioutatownstrange is almost Six and has a very active imagination, her latest claim is that Donald Trump sends her ‘mean text messages’ telling her to ‘shut up’.

In her mind, being told to ‘shut up’ is perhaps the worst possible thing anyone could say to her, which is odd considering she is a huge fan of JackSepticEye and his colourful Irish brogue.

In a world of post-truth I am somewhat inclined to believe her outlandish claims, after all they are no more ridiculous than mind controlling fog, Bill Gates door knobs or perhaps most outlandish, a sentient Donald Trump supporter.

I was watching an interview with David Bowie recently where he is discussing the impact of the internet and the nature of ‘truth’, as often was the case the man was ahead of his time.

And here we are in 2020 where we have two presidents of the United States of America, depending on whom you speak to. Some friends of mine (funnily enough the same ones who doubted Obama’s American citizenship) are absolutely adamant that Trump won the election fair and square. Whereas the majority of the worlds media and those who would seem to be slightly less bonkers regard Joe Biden as the President Elect. [Note I won Pennsylvania by the way]

I am being glib here of course, as all know that the President of the United States is in fact an old 90’s Windows ’95 machine named Kenneth, currently locked in an Arkansas basement playing minesweeper with itself.

It seems as if many of the truths that we hold dear have always been subjective, or at least requiring an element of faith. After all Science and Maths are merely scholastic religions, requiring the same level of faith as the ancient religions.

Proof is just as subjective as truth, to the Mayan the fact that after carrying out a human sacrifice your own life was prolonged was good enough for them. Just as the fact that injecting ourselves with a part of a vaccine does not kill us stone dead is good enough for science. Both rely on faith.

It seems that as long as we are clinging to the modernist concept of a unifying theory of everything, it would seem to me that we are only ever going to understand half of the picture.

Just as Quantum mechanics only works at the subatomic level there seems little evidence that the bridge between this level and Newtonian physics can be easily bridged. But why should they? Just because both happen to explain an observable phenomenon does not make either of them true, they simply confirm our suspicions based on what we can observe.

Perhaps the truth that we are seeking is that there are no truths, there are no Gods, there is only us.

Or as they say in the Data Science world; there is no free lunch.