Jesus Christ Pose

Well goodness me, something, Something, motherfucking snakes on the muddy crunching plain of modernity.

As our regular reader will acknowledge, if I can express something close to my heart, then it can only be done with superfluous dip thongs.

We live in trying times, should we sit back on our laurels and watch the whole shit house comes down around us?

I see folks at work who ordinarily are Teflon when it comes to issues or crisis, are now showing flecks of discomfort.

In absence of any escape route from this sorry assed logic loop, I find myself trying to fill this missing puzzle piece.

On reflection it’s pretty arrogant, or presumptive at best, that I am in anyway shape or form well placed to offer any guidance on life.

Yet here we are…

I guess by focusing on other folks, it distracts from the elephant in the room.

The breathless, clamoring gasps of what we once saw as normality.

Next Slide Please…

I learnt a new phrase today, ‘Cope Porn’, following the demise of the Orange man’s strangle hold of the Twitter machine, a new drug has flooded the market – Copium.

It has often been said that, ‘the left can’t meme’ – well I think that the good folks on 4Chan have either switched allegiance, or perhaps they are too busy getting beaten up by their wife’s boyfriend.

I had hoped to include one such image, however the WordPress machine would prefer that I remain agnostic to world politics – for security reasons.

As my regular reader will know, I am not one to sit on the fence of political indecision. As a wise non gendered individual once said, “If you sit on the fence too long, sooner or later the pointy bits go up your bum.”

Which is fine if you like that sort of thing, however the splinters can cause some discomfort and/or chaffing.

To return to my initial point, ‘Cope Porn’ is effectively ‘Shadenfreude’ by any other name. The ‘woke’ ‘snowflakes’ who had to ordacity to suggest that maybe folk stop being cunts for a bit and make the world a little bit nicer for everyone.

To counter the ‘Cope Porn’ the rise of Cancel Culture has become the new diplomatic immunity to those who are clinging to the ‘old fashioned’ values, where it is perfectly fine to hang a black man from a tree. OMG!! CANCEL CULTURE GONE MAD!

So whilst us ordinary folks, who wish for nothing more than a knighthood for Chris Whitty might I suggest that we revel in pain of the Alt right massive, after all it is the closest thing they will get to any semblance of empathy or emotion.

*NEW* A Dreaded Encounter – World Exclusive Epic Action Adventure Movie.

My Son(12) and Daughter (6) love watching action movies. So, this weekend we had a go at making our own.

Following the ultimate classic of Star Wars, we decided to start our adventure at Episode IV.

The next episodes 1,2 and 3 are currently in the planning stages ahead of production in March.

We shot and edited the entire thing in one day. We used FX Guru for the special FX and Power Director to edit it together.

Music produced by Tunetank and Space effects are from various online stock video sites.

Hope that you enjoy watching and we’ll see you soon for the next installment of the adventure.


I see a ship in the harbour and it was full of immigrants coming over here to steal our women. This is of course a falsehood, it was merely a week attempt to link the fantastic record from the popular music combo, New Order – Blue Monday. To the Corpo-fabricated annual event of #BlueMonday, which is an algorithmic declaration of the most miserable day of the year and this blog post.

Whilst it could be argued that this data model needs retraining, as for 100,000 folk and their families there have been far more miserable days as they gasped their last breath. After almost a year of Covid, we can see humanities innate desire for tribalism taking place. The Covidiots are now ‘Covid Sceptics’, whereas those who recognise the very real danger of Covid are ‘whiny lefty snowflakes, trying to instigate the Great Reset of glorious socialism.’

Mrsoutatownstrange was telling me of a conversation she had with a customer at her workplace, in the autumn one of his friends was hospitalised from Covid and sadly died. There was a small gathering for his funeral, whereby four more of his friends contracted Covid and also died.

It seems that after almost a year of Covid deaths and lockdowns, even the most considerate of folk are almost numb to this grim reality.

“Another 1200 dead Cheryl…”

“Yes, I saw that…dreadful isn’t it…Do you want another biscuit?”

As maybe apparent from the tone of this piece, I am not particularly chipper at the moment, in fact it could be said that I am feeling a bit sad. I have no reason to feel this way, all things considered, my life is pretty good. Yet over the past week or so I have felt this deep sadness clinging to my heart, like a one night stand who refuses to take the hint and fuck off home.

Sadness for me is something I do not deal with very well and more often than not, it will slowly transform into a burning nut of anger and rage.

My thoughts are that perhaps anger is a more comfortable emotion for me, whilst it provokes a less savoury side of my personality, it is better than crying. I loathe crying, it is on a par with being sick, the uncontrollable wrenching of the stomach and the fear that it will never end.

I started to think that what if I am not alone in this, after all under the rules of masculinity ‘boys don’t cry’.

Thereby it would suggest that if the ‘masculine’ way to handle sadness is to project it as anger, then perhaps much of the anger in our world is in fact sadness.

The gammon faced Brexiteer, or the anti-vaxer Karen may not be filled with hate and ignorance, they might be just as sad as everyone else – only they are unable to cognify this and so project it onto the world around them.

Or they could just be cunts.

So this is Christmas

There are a group of internet folk whose presence in this dull linear time frame who always rise above that of the Normie wavelength.

Sometimes I do miss the company of those people whose only joy in life is the prospect of one more Only Fools and Horses Christmas special, as long as Delroy hasn’t been elevated to that bloke behind the bar.

God forbid that there should be any representation of anything other than the white Anglo saxon, protestant, heterosexual maelstrom.

The baby Jesus didn’t get nailed to a tree for just anyone’s sins you know!

Unless you had a poster of Thora Hird or a Cliff Richard Calendar then Christmas just isn’t for you, your meat must be as white as your mayonnaise soul.

Still at least TV Gold still has the Two Ronnies on a loop for the next 6 months, maybe with the odd episode of Sorry or Open All Hours the remix.

David Jason should have been shot in the back of the head after the ‘Batman’ Only fools Christmas special. At least Rodney had the compassion to sacrifice his first born in the name of Uncle Albert.

I want to see Unknown P mount Mrs Brown and then the boys whilst the Cheeky Girls twerk to Mike and the Mechanics, NOW THAT’S CHRISTMAS!!

Instead we have a well known comedian and actress being pilloried by bitter TERF bitches under the guise of Conservative values and the horrors of ‘Liberal thinking’. Funny how the day after a late minute change to Covid lockdown rules in the UK that divisionist conservative politics is the latest fabricated distraction.

God forbid at a time of sharing and giving should anyone show a brief semblance of empathy or common decency.

Better to squeeze out some more black bile from those withering milk duds, whilst rubbing yourself against your Margaret Thatcher candle display.

May your turkey be as dry as your clitoral hood.

The Death of Democracy

In my previous post I was discussing the pluralism of truth. When I wrote that piece I had assumed that after a brief period of high tantrums and tears, Donald Trump would have accepted his election defeat.

Perhaps the signs were already clear at the Four Seasons Landscaping press conference, that Trump was not going anywhere.

When I reflect on the response of Trump supporting friends to this story, in their mind this was just smear from the liberal media and the ‘extreme left agitators’. Despite clear ‘evidence’ to the contrary.

As time has passed it is becoming increasingly likely that no matter what the result of the election, Trump has indeed ‘won by a landslide’.

He has spent the last four years (if not longer), planting the seeds of doubt in peoples minds. Some of these seeds have yet to fully bear fruit, yet their sprouts are already bursting to the surface.

Seventy five million voted for Donald Trump and maybe more would have done, had he not vilified postal voting as part of his campaign strategy. However it doesn’t matter that he did not win as in the post-truth world, facts do not matter.

For a moment I would like to reflect on the concept of The Death of the Author as posited by Roland Barthes, whereby the death of the author gives rise to the birth of the reader/audience. This placed the viewer as the actor placing meaning in the object, rather than the artist placing meaning in the object.

If we take the idea of the ‘Author’ as they who are providing a ‘truth’ to an object, then this object, then the audience will be a subject to this truth. If the author is dead and the reader/audience is applying their own ‘truth’ to the object this provides a plurality of the objects ‘truth’.

Arguably human society has always had their truths handed down to them, either from stone tablets, high priestesses or Fox News. Just as the printing press challenged the faith held in the monopoly of the ‘truth’ held by the Catholic Church, the internet has challenged the same in the mainstream media.

It has come to a point where the mainstream media could live stream someone carrying out the most horrendous of acts, whilst the protagonist smiles and waves to the camera. This would not be evidence enough for today’s ‘truth seekers’, it would be ‘fake news’ a conspiracy of the Lizard people, the Kangaroo people and the makers of Classic Coke.

And this is where ‘faith’ comes back into the picture, truth means nothing without ‘belief’ or ‘conviction’.

Faith in truth has been destroyed, many people do not believe the truth, (or choose to believe a blatant lie).

“The simple truth is that the truth does not exist, it all depends on a persons point of view.”

― Laura Esquirel

This is why Donald Trump and his generic brand wannabes Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, have already won, for they play on this elasticity and their followers believes them, because they have faith in their words – it is ‘gospel’ to them.

The cracks in modern democracy have been there for many years, prised wider by illegal wars, corporate cronyism and plain of sight corruption.

In the years to come these individuals will widen these fissures to a point where people will be cheering for the end of democracy and welcome the iron fist of dictatorial fascism.

Just as a fish does not realise that it is in water until it is taken away, western civilisations are in danger of losing freedom under the guise of the salvation of truth.

You Can Prove Anything With Facts

Minioutatownstrange is almost Six and has a very active imagination, her latest claim is that Donald Trump sends her ‘mean text messages’ telling her to ‘shut up’.

In her mind, being told to ‘shut up’ is perhaps the worst possible thing anyone could say to her, which is odd considering she is a huge fan of JackSepticEye and his colourful Irish brogue.

In a world of post-truth I am somewhat inclined to believe her outlandish claims, after all they are no more ridiculous than mind controlling fog, Bill Gates door knobs or perhaps most outlandish, a sentient Donald Trump supporter.

I was watching an interview with David Bowie recently where he is discussing the impact of the internet and the nature of ‘truth’, as often was the case the man was ahead of his time.

And here we are in 2020 where we have two presidents of the United States of America, depending on whom you speak to. Some friends of mine (funnily enough the same ones who doubted Obama’s American citizenship) are absolutely adamant that Trump won the election fair and square. Whereas the majority of the worlds media and those who would seem to be slightly less bonkers regard Joe Biden as the President Elect. [Note I won Pennsylvania by the way]

I am being glib here of course, as all know that the President of the United States is in fact an old 90’s Windows ’95 machine named Kenneth, currently locked in an Arkansas basement playing minesweeper with itself.

It seems as if many of the truths that we hold dear have always been subjective, or at least requiring an element of faith. After all Science and Maths are merely scholastic religions, requiring the same level of faith as the ancient religions.

Proof is just as subjective as truth, to the Mayan the fact that after carrying out a human sacrifice your own life was prolonged was good enough for them. Just as the fact that injecting ourselves with a part of a vaccine does not kill us stone dead is good enough for science. Both rely on faith.

It seems that as long as we are clinging to the modernist concept of a unifying theory of everything, it would seem to me that we are only ever going to understand half of the picture.

Just as Quantum mechanics only works at the subatomic level there seems little evidence that the bridge between this level and Newtonian physics can be easily bridged. But why should they? Just because both happen to explain an observable phenomenon does not make either of them true, they simply confirm our suspicions based on what we can observe.

Perhaps the truth that we are seeking is that there are no truths, there are no Gods, there is only us.

Or as they say in the Data Science world; there is no free lunch.

The Perception of History and Time

I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark again last night, in itself not particularly note worthy as it is one of those films I have seen countless times.

Although watching it again I was reminded of a discussion I read on the Twitter machine recently regarding our perception of history and time.

The discussion began with the mention that only 30 years separate the events described in the novel The Great Gatsby and those in the novel Dracula. This is perhaps obvious to many, however in my head the pair were separated by a far greater length of time.

Then someone made the comment that by the time Indiana Jones 5 is released, more time will have passed between Raiders of the lost Arks release and the new film, than the time between the end of the Second World War and the release of Raiders of the lost Ark.

Again this may seem like an obvious point, however as a child growing up in the 1980’s the events of WW2 seemed like a lifetime away, so distant and far removed from the modern life I was being raised in. Of course we had the daily fears of being nuked during the peak of the cold war, the idea of Axis forces marching across Europe seemed like a strange black and white fiction to me.

I am now in my early late forties and looking back at my life it seems so strange that I never appreciated how the events of Vietnam, Watergate or the Cuban missile crises to me back then, are almost the same, in terms of actual years, as me looking back at the Millennium today.

For a few years now I have read some comments that we are drifting perilously close to recreating the events that led up to the rise of Nazi Germany, I must admit I have previously dismissed them as paranoid nonsense.

However I was reading a piece in the New Yorker today, which refers the writings of Stefan Zweig who notes that by the time Fascism had taken hold it was already too late.

Now I find myself reflecting on events of last decade or so and depressingly, the strange black and white fiction of the past is getting a re-boot.

I find myself shuddering at my nations flag (Union Jack) and the dark nationalism which as attached itself to it, just as much of the world shudders at the actions and symbolism of the Third Reich.

In the past I suspect the sight of the Union Jack flying on a ship would send shivers down as many as that of seeing the Jolly Roger. At least when it came to pirates you knew where you stood, unlike the smiling white devils with their airs and graces.

Funny how things change.

Shaving Your Ass With a Lawnmower

The focus for Stoic Week Day 4 is Community, as I live as a virtual recluse, only stepping outside for flapjack and/or crime fighting, it has been difficult to test myself in this regard.

That said I would still find it difficult if I had been surrounded by people, as in general most people irritate like a sand crab your underwear.

Stoics view everyone as their brother or sisters, which conceptually I understand.

However I find it difficult to believe that I am related to anyone who read anything published by News Corp, or indeed that Rupert Murdoch is an actual human being.

This lunchtimes meditative exercise was to close my eyes and picture my immediate family, Minioutatownstrange, Mrs OT Strange and Kitty OT Strange, then expand this circle to the gap toothed gypsy neighbours, then the drunks outside the corner shop, then the sack of shit City Counsellors, then the shit shovelling twats in the UK Parliament, then the habitual wankers in the US Senate turning back the clock to instate a woman primed to remove women’s right to chose…you get the point.

To be fair this wasn’t the actual point of the exercise, it is however close to a point I was making earlier in the week in regards to selfish cunts.

As I wrote yesterday revenge and such thinking is ultimately self destructive, but if some privileged fucks choose to turn the society into a live action dystopian theme park – with fewer laughs. Surely they should treated with the same consideration as folk who still hold onto some sense their humanity and sense of community?

Politician’s have always been considered lying pieces of shit, only now they are not only happy to lie and cheat, but to effectively steal from our pockets and then ask us for rent.

I suspect that a true stoic would take a step back and see this all part of some grand universal plan, although I struggle to believe that this plan would involve life on earth becoming worse than any eternal hell.

My book One Hell of a Week suggests that Hell actually gets its ideas for eternal punishment from the living, I had not intended it to become a prophecy.

I am not a religious person as such, religion and dogma are like shaving your ass with a lawn mower when it comes to your own spirituality.

All the time we are focused on the other than that which is outside of us we will always be miserable. That said why should we stand in stoic silence whilst the lunatics running the asylum start shitting in our mouths?

I do not have the patience for fate to do its work, my blood is boiling and my fists are getting twitchy.

An Easy Path Is The Road To Hell

For those who read yesterdays blog, I have an update in regards to how ‘Revenge’ is viewed by Stoicism and as anticipated it is frowned upon. #FrownyButVengefulface

 “The best way of avenging thyself is not to become like the wrong doer.” – Marcus Aurelius

Or to quote a wise old Sage from Hull;

“There are too many wrongdoers in these places for some time you see” – Andrew Newby

Whilst back in Day three of Stoic Week, it was also Week 2 of the Compassion Focused Therapy (CFP), which came out of my previous CBT.

Needless to say my brain is a little more fried than usual, however I have committed to write something on each day and here we are.

Earlier today on the Twitter machine, I noted that there was a some considerable outrage/cheering of a UK government minister stating that is would effectively be illegal to teach ‘Critical Race Theory’ in schools.

On the one side there are those who ‘do not see race’, or that they ‘have a friend who is black’, who were applauding the minister for her brave stance on such an important issue.

I found myself on the other side of the fence and was concerned that seemingly the freedom of difficult topics being suppressed.

After all it was only a few weeks ago where the government had announced that the teaching of ideas that challenged capitalism was also illegal.

Whilst the right wing UK press gnash their crumbling teeth daily, at the ‘liberal do gooders’ cancelling their favourite depots, or wailing at the thought of Jim Davidson or Roy Chubby Brown, once again being over looked as candidates for the replacements for the Arch Bishop of Canterbury.

“A WAR ON FREE SPEECH!”, they cry.

“SNOWFLAKE MELTS AT BREXIT BOMBSHELL!”, they boom triumphantly.

With this in mind, one must assume that we must defend free speech as long as this free speech does not challenge the current hegemony.

It has always amused me how the United States presents itself as a beacon of freedom and democracy, just as the united(ish) kingdom sees itself as the British bulldog of true grit and self determination.

Yet if these countries truly stood for what they say they do, then why would they give a shit about what views or political discussions were being held?

Would a champion of freedom and democracy effectively criminalise socialism, such as the US did under McCarthy?

In addition why does a country that is ‘free’, require its young people to recite a commitment to a flag for unity and justice for all?

In my experience the more a company or individual says they hold a specific value, the less likely they are to hold that value.

Nestle for example, or a pious Christian preacher who then gets caught being noshed off by a toothless rent boy.

Critical Race theory is a difficult and uncomfortable topic, especially if you are a white person or benefit from the current status quo of white supremacy. This level of discomfort is magnified by an equivalent factor of how much value the status quo means to you.

It is my view that if we are not challenging our thinking, then we are probably not really thinking. Our minds destined to become as bland and stagnant as a Disney Movie, or new Pumpkin Spiced Latte.

The modernist experiment has failed and we are living in the embers of a 1950’s vision that never came to pass, ‘Modern’ society is locked in a death spiral with fewer and fewer lifeboats being available.

Never lose sight that those folk who are most effected by the dismantling of White Supremacy, and its existing hegemony will be the ones who will be in these few remaining, lifeboats not you or your families.

In addition, for those with the lifeboats, if no one is left alive to bailing you out, then you too are destined to drown.