O.T Strange Bio

O.T Strange is a 45 year old Data Professional and Author of The Dissenters Series (A Future Forgotten, A Series of Perpetual Presents and A Restoration of The Real), It’s Been one Hell of a Week and Contractual Obligations

Having spent his youth writing and performing comedy sketches and stand-up, it is unsurprising that humour echoes in the engaging dialogue of his characters. His keen interest in technology and an open geekiness to pondering the future and ‘what-if’s’ has led to a growing body of work that explores both the wonders and potential horrors of modern and future technology and political ideas.

O.T Strange wrote his first novel to help inspire his eldest that anything is possible if you put your mind to it, now almost ten years later he is still writing.

OT Strange’s books are available on all good digital retailers and a few of the crap ones as well.

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