Next Slide Please…

I learnt a new phrase today, ‘Cope Porn’, following the demise of the Orange man’s strangle hold of the Twitter machine, a new drug has flooded the market – Copium.

It has often been said that, ‘the left can’t meme’ – well I think that the good folks on 4Chan have either switched allegiance, or perhaps they are too busy getting beaten up by their wife’s boyfriend.

I had hoped to include one such image, however the WordPress machine would prefer that I remain agnostic to world politics – for security reasons.

As my regular reader will know, I am not one to sit on the fence of political indecision. As a wise non gendered individual once said, “If you sit on the fence too long, sooner or later the pointy bits go up your bum.”

Which is fine if you like that sort of thing, however the splinters can cause some discomfort and/or chaffing.

To return to my initial point, ‘Cope Porn’ is effectively ‘Shadenfreude’ by any other name. The ‘woke’ ‘snowflakes’ who had to ordacity to suggest that maybe folk stop being cunts for a bit and make the world a little bit nicer for everyone.

To counter the ‘Cope Porn’ the rise of Cancel Culture has become the new diplomatic immunity to those who are clinging to the ‘old fashioned’ values, where it is perfectly fine to hang a black man from a tree. OMG!! CANCEL CULTURE GONE MAD!

So whilst us ordinary folks, who wish for nothing more than a knighthood for Chris Whitty might I suggest that we revel in pain of the Alt right massive, after all it is the closest thing they will get to any semblance of empathy or emotion.


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