Jesus Christ Pose

Well goodness me, something, Something, motherfucking snakes on the muddy crunching plain of modernity.

As our regular reader will acknowledge, if I can express something close to my heart, then it can only be done with superfluous dip thongs.

We live in trying times, should we sit back on our laurels and watch the whole shit house comes down around us?

I see folks at work who ordinarily are Teflon when it comes to issues or crisis, are now showing flecks of discomfort.

In absence of any escape route from this sorry assed logic loop, I find myself trying to fill this missing puzzle piece.

On reflection it’s pretty arrogant, or presumptive at best, that I am in anyway shape or form well placed to offer any guidance on life.

Yet here we are…

I guess by focusing on other folks, it distracts from the elephant in the room.

The breathless, clamoring gasps of what we once saw as normality.


Internet personality who writes sometimes