So this is Christmas

There are a group of internet folk whose presence in this dull linear time frame who always rise above that of the Normie wavelength.

Sometimes I do miss the company of those people whose only joy in life is the prospect of one more Only Fools and Horses Christmas special, as long as Delroy hasn’t been elevated to that bloke behind the bar.

God forbid that there should be any representation of anything other than the white Anglo saxon, protestant, heterosexual maelstrom.

The baby Jesus didn’t get nailed to a tree for just anyone’s sins you know!

Unless you had a poster of Thora Hird or a Cliff Richard Calendar then Christmas just isn’t for you, your meat must be as white as your mayonnaise soul.

Still at least TV Gold still has the Two Ronnies on a loop for the next 6 months, maybe with the odd episode of Sorry or Open All Hours the remix.

David Jason should have been shot in the back of the head after the ‘Batman’ Only fools Christmas special. At least Rodney had the compassion to sacrifice his first born in the name of Uncle Albert.

I want to see Unknown P mount Mrs Brown and then the boys whilst the Cheeky Girls twerk to Mike and the Mechanics, NOW THAT’S CHRISTMAS!!

Instead we have a well known comedian and actress being pilloried by bitter TERF bitches under the guise of Conservative values and the horrors of ‘Liberal thinking’. Funny how the day after a late minute change to Covid lockdown rules in the UK that divisionist conservative politics is the latest fabricated distraction.

God forbid at a time of sharing and giving should anyone show a brief semblance of empathy or common decency.

Better to squeeze out some more black bile from those withering milk duds, whilst rubbing yourself against your Margaret Thatcher candle display.

May your turkey be as dry as your clitoral hood.


Internet personality who writes sometimes