The Death of Democracy

In my previous post I was discussing the pluralism of truth. When I wrote that piece I had assumed that after a brief period of high tantrums and tears, Donald Trump would have accepted his election defeat.

Perhaps the signs were already clear at the Four Seasons Landscaping press conference, that Trump was not going anywhere.

When I reflect on the response of Trump supporting friends to this story, in their mind this was just smear from the liberal media and the ‘extreme left agitators’. Despite clear ‘evidence’ to the contrary.

As time has passed it is becoming increasingly likely that no matter what the result of the election, Trump has indeed ‘won by a landslide’.

He has spent the last four years (if not longer), planting the seeds of doubt in peoples minds. Some of these seeds have yet to fully bear fruit, yet their sprouts are already bursting to the surface.

Seventy five million voted for Donald Trump and maybe more would have done, had he not vilified postal voting as part of his campaign strategy. However it doesn’t matter that he did not win as in the post-truth world, facts do not matter.

For a moment I would like to reflect on the concept of The Death of the Author as posited by Roland Barthes, whereby the death of the author gives rise to the birth of the reader/audience. This placed the viewer as the actor placing meaning in the object, rather than the artist placing meaning in the object.

If we take the idea of the ‘Author’ as they who are providing a ‘truth’ to an object, then this object, then the audience will be a subject to this truth. If the author is dead and the reader/audience is applying their own ‘truth’ to the object this provides a plurality of the objects ‘truth’.

Arguably human society has always had their truths handed down to them, either from stone tablets, high priestesses or Fox News. Just as the printing press challenged the faith held in the monopoly of the ‘truth’ held by the Catholic Church, the internet has challenged the same in the mainstream media.

It has come to a point where the mainstream media could live stream someone carrying out the most horrendous of acts, whilst the protagonist smiles and waves to the camera. This would not be evidence enough for today’s ‘truth seekers’, it would be ‘fake news’ a conspiracy of the Lizard people, the Kangaroo people and the makers of Classic Coke.

And this is where ‘faith’ comes back into the picture, truth means nothing without ‘belief’ or ‘conviction’.

Faith in truth has been destroyed, many people do not believe the truth, (or choose to believe a blatant lie).

“The simple truth is that the truth does not exist, it all depends on a persons point of view.”

― Laura Esquirel

This is why Donald Trump and his generic brand wannabes Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, have already won, for they play on this elasticity and their followers believes them, because they have faith in their words – it is ‘gospel’ to them.

The cracks in modern democracy have been there for many years, prised wider by illegal wars, corporate cronyism and plain of sight corruption.

In the years to come these individuals will widen these fissures to a point where people will be cheering for the end of democracy and welcome the iron fist of dictatorial fascism.

Just as a fish does not realise that it is in water until it is taken away, western civilisations are in danger of losing freedom under the guise of the salvation of truth.


Internet personality who writes sometimes